Our story

Deaf Outreach Program, acronymed DEAFOP is a Non-governmental organization registered and working in Kenya, it was formed in 2011 by young university graduates with a passion of engaging their skill, knowledge and passion in Deaf Community,

At the time the major motivation was to bridge the existing gap between the Deaf and hearing person in information access and has so far grown in other aspects of Development and included other forms of disability into our programming.

Our Mission is to Mainstream Deaf and disability Rights in development through three major strategies of

  1. Working with learning institution for children with disability
  2. working with community disability groups at the village level
  3. working with the government and other institutions in advancement of disability inclusion and mainstreaming

 As an organization we integrate Research, Media and Technology as important tools of advocacy in project delivery and embrace the principle  of ‘Nothing about us without us ‘and ‘disability is not inability’