Our Guiding Values

As an organization we are driven by a set of shared values which informs our decision, actions and organizations culture, this values include;

Our Mission

To mainstream Deaf and disability right in development


An inclusive society in which all persons with disability enjoy their human right and achieve their full potential

Our story

Deaf Outreach Program, acronymed DEAFOP is a non-governmental organization registered and working in Kenya, it was formed in 2011 by young female university friends as volunteers with passion of engaging their skill, knowledge and passion in Deaf Community.

As a team we were and still are open to learning, listening and challenging ourselves to be bold in exploring solutions that contribute in bridging the gap between the Deaf and hearing persons. Over the years we have engaged in several programs, made new friends and partners, learnt lessons along the way ,adopted some changes and incorporated the community engagements and recommendations.

In our Current strategic plan, our overarching mission will be to

  1. Contribute in Improving quality of Education for Deaf learners through the developing and strengthening of Deaf Digital Library, a sign language accessible Learning Management System with Sign language curriculum content for Deaf learners in all grade levels in Kenyan Deaf school
  2. Promote Gender Equality and access to SRHR information to Deaf youth, Girls and women through enhancing our SRHR Sign language apps for Android and IOS as an African SRHR management platform for Deaf Girls and Women
  3. Contribute in building a Strong rural disability movement that is economically empowered through use of Self-help group model
  4. Continuous lobbying and advocacy for disability inclusion

Central to our organization’s ethos is the integration of Research, Media, and Technology as powerful tools for effective advocacy and project implementation. We firmly adhere to the principles of “Nothing about us without us” and “disability is not inability,” ensuring that women and individuals with disabilities are not just participants but the driving force behind our endeavors.