Education and School Support Program

Education Support

As an organization we believe that education leads to opportunities and like all children Deaf children have the fundamental right to full access to quality education. However, we recognize that education for the Deaf children in Kenya continues to be low hence increasing the illiteracy level which has a direct link to increased unemployment rate among Deaf person and poverty

It’s from this that we have endeavored in investing in Deaf education through various Education strategies among them including



  1. Supporting Deaf School infrastructure
  2. Supporting Deaf Student environment and Sexual Reproduction Health clubs.
  3. Support in Mentorship Program for Deaf children

Currently we are partnering with fifteen Deaf school in strengthening SRHR Movement for Deaf adolescent and youth and creating SRHR content for Deaf consumer’s in Kenya

We have also partnered with other development partners in providing Learning and teaching materials for Deaf schools, directly impacting on academic performance for Deaf children

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