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Deaf Outreach program, acronymed (DEAFOP) is a Non Governmental Organization registered and working in Kenya , we were formed in 2011 as a result of realization of the big gap that exist between the hearing and hearing impaired person in matters of development and human right.4

As an organization we seek to work with the Deaf Community directly using the platform of Deaf learning institutions and Community Groups without discriminating other forms of disabilities and their specific interests and needs.

7Our main Goal as an organization is to influence policy formulation which we do so through: promoting of Disability research so as to avail data and information to aid in planning as well as lobbying government and private institutions to change policies and practices that promote discrimination.

Our Mission

To mainstream Deaf and Disability issues in all aspect of social –cultural, economical and political development.


DEAFOP’s Vision is an inclusive society in which Deaf and disabled persons can enjoy their human rights and achieve their full potential

Core values

As an organization we are driven by a set of shared values which informs our decision, actions and organizations culture, this values include;

  • Integrity.
  • Non discrimination
  • Compassion
  • Excellence
  • Respect